The Arteagan

An Arteagan is a type of artisan recognized by their individual genius, super-creativity, and uncompromising integrity. We are a closed network of individualists all over the world who understand, respect, and support each other in upholding our allegiance to Integrity and Doing Good. The Agenda is simple: Elevate Humanity with Integrity and Creative Masterpieces. Arteagan are plucky, inventive individuals who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, and courageous enough to try.

I created The Arteagan because I believe in the power of individual choice to will Talent, Curiosity, and Imagination to manifest Truth & Do Good. I invite you to join me in Saving the World and to create the most dynamic masterpieces of your lifetime.

Natalee Arteaga

I live The Pledge: I decline money, relationships, and opportunities that would dishonor or compromise my Integrity, and ultimately take me further from my goals. I keep low overhead as a writer while I create masterpieces; so I retain the freedom to collaborate with whomever I choose.

The First Arteagan

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